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About Russia

Known as India's best friend, studying in the Russian federation has proved to be really beneficial for Indian students in the past 3 decades. Indian students have to travelling to study to Russia ever since the times of the Soviet Union. Studying Medicine in Russia, has several advantages as well as disadvantages. Advantages are that the cost of education in Russia is slightly lower than that of Ukraine. Some of the institution like Crimean Federal University provide the students with really very high quality of education at a very reasonable cost. However for International students there are very limited number of universities in the Russian Federation which provide education completely in the English language throughout the course period. There have been several cases of Universities turning its medium of education to th Russian language from English in the 4 year of education. Europe Education is coordinating with only those universities which have English language as their medium of instruction throughout all the 6 years of education.

Living Cost in Russia

Students spend an average of the equivalent of 100 US Dollars every month. Which is enough to lead a basic life in Russia. It covers all the costs of grocery and daily pocket expenses.

Duration of MBBS study in Russia

The MBBS course has a duration of 6 years. The course is divided into 2 parts. The first 3 years involve preclinical sciences. In the 4th to the 6th year students learn clinical sciences.

Teaching language for MBBS in Russia

Europe Education strictly deals with only those universities in Russia which offer courses completely taught in the English language. Parents and students need to be very careful as many Russian medical universities offer courses in a mixed mode of instruction. That is that in the first 3 year of studies the mode of instruction is the English language. However in the 4th to 6th year of studies the language of instruction changes to Russian. Please be extremely careful while selecting a medical university in Russia. Our counselors at Europe Education will help you in making the right choice.